A revolution in sustainable design

Our eye-catching collections made from recycled materials are an ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on style. Not just functional, these timeless designs are an extension of your home décor and a reflection of your values.  

We create special collections made from salvaged materials that would otherwise pollute our oceans or end up in landfill. Have a look at the stunning Coastal Breeze collection, made from old fishing nets – 46% of the great pacific garbage patch is discarded nets. The Radiant Soundwaves collection is made of 100% recycled material holding 70% recycled CDs, which would otherwise be discarded 

For us, these lamps stand for our mission to 3D print more and more of our portfolio with recycled and bio-based materials. 

To further reduce our impact on the environment, all our 3D printed lighting products are made to order, in regional manufacturing hubs, avoiding unnecessary stock, and reducing transportation emissions.  

The designs are as durable as they are beautiful, proving that when it comes to sustainable solutions, you don’t need to sacrifice quality or style. As well as lifting your home’s interior, they are a conversation starter, reminding us of the importance of living sustainably.   

3D printed from fishnets
Fishing nets photos, material for 3D printing sustainbale table lamps and pendants.