Prioritizing calm and comfort



A natural interior creates the perfect harmony between functionality and comfort, whilst keeping the space airy and light. Through the use of natural shapes, textures, and colors it creates a sense of calm and belonging that is typical of home. Layered textures of organic materials such as wood, wicker and leather, blend in with plentiful green plants in a room to create an ambiance that is warm and welcoming. A place where resting and recharging feels real – and because of its connection to nature, spontaneously resonate with human beings and have a calming and harmonizing effect. Lighting helps create the mood in natural spaces and opting for a layered approach can help establish an atmosphere that can be dialled up or down as needed. When cast from above, it should be warm and all-encompassing to create a soft glow light that spreads across the room. The use of table lamps for softer lighting is a must, as it helps draw the eyes around the room to the nooks of quietness that can serve as a special retreat.

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