A natural blend of country and coastal influences


The Beachcomber collection creates a holiday atmosphere at home, by blending a rustic country style with coastal inspirations, evoking the sound of waves and the sensation of a salty breeze. Strolling along the shore, the beachcomber in us comes alive, collecting sun-bleached driftwood, seashells, and other natural treasures. At home these treasures bring back relaxed summer memories for us to cherish.

Lighting with a laid-back vibe

The Beachcomber products take inspiration from coastal nature; the soft shapes of rounded pebbles, the irregular ribs of a sea urchin and the soft ripples of sand dunes. Rustic influences can be found in textures inspired by wicker baskets and cozy hand knitted throws.

The muted tones of landscape and sandy beaches come back in the subtle palette of colours.

Immerse yourself in this laid-back vibe, which gives a feeling of calm and relaxation to any part of your interior.

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