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Industriele lamp

Largely influenced by the atmosphere of old factories and warehouses, the industrial style is characterized by the use of bare structural features such as metal columns, exposed brick walls, and concrete textures in open plan living spaces with high ceilings. Unique industrial shapes and textures used in these interiors are natural conversation starters and add personality to otherwise minimal rooms. This style can be incorporated through the use of an unfinished décor that relies on natural and raw materials, with furniture and accessories that are predominantly large and robust. Big statement pendants with a vintage industrial look are key to achieving this edgy style when it comes to lighting. Metallic colors and ribbed or faceted textures that resemble fixtures used in old factories can add to the ambiance. Hanging above the kitchen counter, dining area, or a hallway these lighting elements add a direct practicality to the décor and help create a functional atmosphere in a way that is eye-catching any time of the day, and remarkably bright when the light is on.

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