Light with a sense of calm


Zen home

A haven for contemplation, the Zen Home is a place where balance and harmony create feelings of relaxation and being at peace with your own thoughts. The home as a sanctuary has become increasingly popular with people who prioritize a more mindful lifestyle. The Zen home feeling can be infused into your space with natural materials and patterns of light and shadow. It’s an almost austere approach to décor, but one that keeps a certain gentleness.

A feeling of tranquility

Neutral colours, both light and dark, as well as tactile textures inspired by materials like rice paper, stone, and wood are the basis of this collection. Irregular textures represent the wabi-sabi philosophy where imperfection is celebrated as an element of beauty, and adds softness to a simple space.

These lights can bring harmony and serenity to your interiors, complementing your décor. During the day, textures create a natural shadow play on the surface of these lights and at night they are brought to life when switched on.

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