Coastal breeze


Cleaning the ocean, one lamp at a time

Crafted from old fishing nets gathered directly from the fishermen, this special collection empowers you to make a conscious choice without having to compromise on beauty.

To honor the purposeful origin of the source material, as well as the beautiful places it's been, these lamps have a coastal-inspired finish that comes to life in textures and colors that bring the shore to your home.

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To sum up:

  • Beautifully designed, sustainably made

  • Made from 100% recycled fishing nets

  • Contributes to keeping the ocean clean

  • 3D printed only at your request


Lamps crafted from recycled fishing nets

Lights come in soft organic silhouettes that create harmony with your ambiance whilst adding an extra touch to your décor – these lamps are a natural conversation starter in any room. Their lighting is warm and cozy, shining through textures that resemble sand dunes, the natural flow of water, scales and the typical pattern of fishing nets.

Natural use of colours.

The color palette of green and translucency mimics diffused light shining through a clean ocean – an aspiration for this special edition. The recycled material has natural irregularities which make every lamp unique. Helping you to create the right atmosphere whilst cleaning the ocean makes this a special collection indeed.

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