Philips MyCreation’s design lighting shines on VT Wonen – weer verliefd op je huis

October 24
By Signify
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We are thrilled to share some exciting news! Philips MyCreation's innovative 3D printing lighting products made an appearance on the popular Dutch TV show, VT Wonen – weer verliefd op je huis. In this blog, we will highlight our products in action. Join us as we explore captivating images of the interior where our design lighting harmoniously merges with the overall design style, creating a visual symphony that bridges industrial and natural aesthetics. 

Design Harmony: Industrial Meets Natural

In the realm of interior design, the clash of two worlds can create spectacular harmony. In this episode, VT Wonen's stylist, Frans Uyterlinde, faced the task of harmonizing the distinct interior preferences of a couple, Daniëlle and Frans. They brought to the table a beautiful collision of personal tastes: Frans favouring a clean, sleek, and robust interior, while Daniëlle's heart sang for vibrant colours, romantic elements, and artistic flair. We are delighted to have played a part in this transformative journey, hand in hand with Philips Hue. 

Coastal Breeze Series Pendants: Bringing Nature Indoors

One of our showcased products is the iF Design and Red Dot Design award-winning pendant lighting created from recycled fishing net materials. The aesthetic glow they cast will infuse a warm ambiance into the dining area and the hallway, displaying the beauty of recycled materials and adding a sense of tactile wonder to the surroundings. They are a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious design. 

The White Translucent Voila Table Lamp: Soft Elegance for Your Space   

The second highlight, our translucent white Voila One table lamp, is a testament to the versatility and innovation of 3D printing. This iF Design award-winning lamp emits a soft, shimmering light that gently cascades through its unique texture, while subtle, enhancing the overall charm and appeal of the couple’s home with its beauty. 

Experience the Magic for Yourself  

If you were inspired by the show and are curious about how our 3D printed lighting products can redefine your living spaces, we encourage you to explore our range. 

Keep an eye on our updates and join us on the journey to redefine your interior spaces with Philips MyCreation. 

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