More than light. A statement.

Create interiors that truly stand out with one-of-a-kind, sustainable lighting designs made on-demand using pioneering 3D printing technology.

Beautiful unique ambiances

Philips MyCreation designs are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our inspirational collections can transform your home by creating a distinct ambience that expresses your personality. By carefully selecting from exquisite textures, shapes and styles that suit your particular tastes, you can communicate your individuality and make a striking statement.

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A revolution in sustainable design

Our stunning products are the ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on style. They are carbon-neutral, made to order locally, and created from 100% recyclable materials – reducing waste, minimizing emissions and supporting the circular economy. We also launch special editions made from salvaged materials that would otherwise become waste. Have a look at our stunning Coastal Breeze collection made out of old fishing nets or check our products in the Radiant Soundwaves collection which is, for 70%, made out of recycled CD's.

3D printed from fishnets

Inspiring and innovative 3D printed creations

Our lights are crafted by an international team of designers who seek inspiration from diverse cultures, movements and trends. By working in tandem with our 3D printers, they have the freedom of continuous experimentation, thanks to an agile creative process. This results in remarkable lighting that adds style to any room – even with the lights off.

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