From Jug to Jewel

Spring Oasis

The Spring Oasis is made from recycled water jug, which is commonly found in offices and homes for drinking water. Embracing sustainability without compromising on beauty, this special collection weaves a cozy atmosphere into your home. With a deep appreciation for the origins of the source material and the essence of water, these lamps embrace the shape of water jugs. The textures and colours mimic the soothing qualities of water- infusing a touch of nature into your any room.

To sum up:

  • Uniquely designed, sustainably made

  • Outer shade is made from 50% recycled water jug

  • Contributes to recycling the polycarbonate waste

  • 3D printed only at your request

Lamps crafted from recycled water jug

From Jug to Jewel

This Jewels pendant lamp made from water jugs is a unique and luxurious lighting option that combines sustainability and innovation. This pendant lamp is produced with recycled 19-liter water jugs and has a beautiful 3D dimension and artisanal elegance. The wavy glass effect creates a unique light effect and complements the recycled material perfectly. It exudes a remarkable glow that adds a bold and modern vibe to any interior style.

Special tones of blue

Infused with the signature blue-grey palette of the water jug, the lamps come alive with a dance of blue hues and subtle deviations when lit, granting an exclusive character to every lamp.

This collection bears a unique essence and a commitment to fostering a cleaner ecosystem.

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