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Soft luxury

Transform a room into a haven

Inspired by textures soft as skin and warm light that delicately sparks through translucent curtains, this collection is meant to help you transform your room into a haven. A place for the ultimately luxury, spending time taking care of yourself in a welcoming environment.

Light with a sense of glamour

Lighting is warm, dimmed, and gentle with design elements that evoke softness and textures that are plush and toned down. That translates into table lamps and pendants that embrace your room and create an overall sense of softness and luxury – either through unique shades of pastel or layers of subtle golden and pink shades.

This collection helps you create a room to be in touch with yourself, feel glamourous, and special. It's as easy as adding a table lamps to create little nooks of calm in your rooms. Lights that ultimately create the perfect mood for you to indulge in.

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