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Radiant soundwaves

Old CDs? We turned them into beautiful lamps!

Until today, around 200 billion CDs have been produced, amounting to 3.2 million tons of material. However, in Philips MyCreation, old CDs are being repurposed into beautiful lamps. This special collection created from recycled CDs adds additional spark and creativity to your décor. The lamps organic and wavy designs appear to mimic soundwaves flowing through your home. Once this material carried music and now it carries light!

The reflection of CDs beyond music

The repurposed material has a silky finish that emphasizes the sculptural shape when the lights are off. When the lights are on, they create a beautiful glow that transcends the immediate space and provides ample light. Light is at the center of how CDs work and to see them as the main material conduit for such unique effect makes these lamps a natural conversation starter in your home.

This collection is another step towards the circular economy. After their lifetime, the lamps can be ground up and repurposed into another lamp. To make that journey full-circle, tell a story in your home with products that help the world be a little more sustainable.

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