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City angles

The constant surprise of urban facades

Walking through a dynamic city, with its metal and glass skyscrapers, can bring a sense of wonder that is like no other. Metallic facets of cold silver turned warm gold by the afternoon sun. The movement of clouds reflected on windows as they pass by, evoking the optimism of new directions.

Expressive home interiors

With this collection we think of those unique angles and how bold architecture can create an expressive home interior. The playfulness of lights that play with sharp angles add an edgy rhythm to rooms that is synonymous with future facing environments, whilst their glow evoke hopefulness and peace.

These are lights that can make your décor seem more structured, without making it too rigid. The different angles in the unique shapes of these pendants and table lamps add a rich reflecting texture that complements any room and bring a touch of surprise to your decor.

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